06.16.2006 Demolisten Show – The Lava Children

The Lava Children play live on KXLU Demolisten.

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This marks the very first time Octavius EVER played the Paris Hilton Motherfuckers.  Fred gets a freebee in Vegas.  Fred’s father gets married/dates.  And The Lava Children play LIVE in studio!

June 16th, 2006

1. D.S.M. “All Snakes Come Crawling”

2. The New Mexican Revolution “Age of Gas and Steel” :

3. Fud King “Bird Should Fly” : Myspace.com/fudking

4. Goodnight Star “Pitiful man

5. The Blank Tapes “I saw the Satellite”

6. Sunshine America “hurt with you”

7. Paris Hilton Motherfuckers “4 D Party”

8. The Parallelograms “Kinda Into You” : Myspace.com/Parallelograms

9. Ketman “Workstomp” : Ketman.net

10. Dios (malos) “I See The Light” : WeAreDios.com

11. Andrew Culver “Temps”

12. Monsters are Waiting “Christine”

13. Kid Moxie “Hollywood Smile”

14. The Wedding’s Off “Hot Little Hands”: TheWeddingsOff.net

15. Black River Falls “Doomsday”

16. The Monolators “We Fell Dead” : TheMonolators.com

17. Aaron Kyle “Not sure it’s good”

18. Jim Salinger “What a Jerk you are.”

19. The Lava Children Play Live Set!

20. Fast Heart Mart “Rich Man” : FastHeartMart.com


~ by demolisten on June 16, 2006.

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