Demolisten Shows 06.09.2006 back to 05.02.2003

This is every Demolisten Radio show from May 02, 2003 thru September 08, 2006.

They are named

All other episodes will be located in the Demolisten Show Archives. To find a band you like, in windows go to pulldown menu “Edit” , “find (on this page)”. Then search for the name you want. We recommend dowloading an MP3 file of the show: Right click and “Save Target As”.


030523 kyoka 2:02:26

030620 octavius sings as cool headed logicians 2:05:26

030627 devin flys solo, fred flys to hawaii… 2:05:25

030704 atosh 2:05:26

030711 clone revolt-djs 2:05:25

030718 devin flys solo 2:05:25

030725 devin-fred-doug 2:05:25

030801 fred-jose-ivor 2:05:26

030815 carter 2:05:25

030822 fred says tokyo is big 2:05:25

030829 demolisten 12:57

030912 demolisten 37:08

030926 demolisten 2:05:24

031010 chad appears 2:05:24

031031 demolisten- halloween 2:05:25

031114-demolisten – fred and doug 2:05:22

031121-demolisten-quazar 2:05:24

031128-demolisten- quazar cant say kyoka 2:05:24

031212-demolisten- kyoka 2:05:24

040102-demolisten- smells like flan 2:05:24

040109-demolisten-noband 2:05:22

040116-demolisten- order of the wand 2:05:22

040123-demolisten- dios 2:05:22

040130-demolisten-noband 2:05:22

040206-demolisten-devin-zana 2:05:25

040213-demolisten-noband 2:05:16

040220-demolisten-noband 2:05:25

040312-demolisten- fred – jenny quitter 1:39:34

040326-demolisten-noband 2:05:24

040402-demolisten-noband 1:15:34

040409-demolisten- scott sterling – future pigeon 2:05:23

040416-demolisten-noband 2:05:23

040423-demolisten-noband 2:05:24

040430-demolisten- reverend dan – Derby dolls 2:05:24

040507-demolisten-noband 2:05:23

040514-demolisten- freds conspiracy 2:05:24

040521-demolisten- freds film 2:05:24

040528-demolisten-noband 58:16

040604-demolisten- devics 1:31:55

040611-demolisten-noband 2:05:11

040618-demolisten-noband 1:17:47

040625-demolisten- jim putnam -djs 2:05:20

040702-demolisten- the blood arm 2:05:22

040709-demolisten- doug jones – ralph nader 2:05:22

040717-demolisten-noband 2:05:22

040723-demolisten-noband 2:05:22

040821-demolisten- ned lerner -the instrumental show – not demolisten 2:05:23

040903-demolisten- jose names his price



041001-demolisten- IVOR devin fred pledge drive

041015-demolisten-devinistheman- ivors ovarian cyst – anavan

041105-demolisten- fred -devin-ivor
041112-demolisten-fred-devin- ivors bday

041119-demolisten- bridgess

041126-demolisten- fred devin doug- kyoka
041203-demolisten-fred-ivor- monster dudes
041217-demolisten-fred-devin-ivor-john wahl
041224-demolisten- fred hates xmas with doug
050128-demolisten- coco b’s
050204-demolisten- paloma – sharpease – grownups

050218-demolisten-noband-freddevin- octavius first show

050225-Demolisten-fred-doug- octavius promotes

050311-Demolisten- the flight orchestra
050325-Demolisten- kyoka djs
050401-Demolisten- kyoka sings
050408-Demolisten-noband- star wars
050610-demolisten- meho plaza


050701-demolisten- walking in the neon

050715-Demolisten- viva k

050722-Demolisten- the hectors

050730-Demolisten- no band
050902-Demolisten- xo
050916-demolisten- the lights from here
051014-demolisten- dengue fever
051021-Demolisten- greater california
051028-demolisten- ethan gold
051125-Demolisten- devin doug octavius fred
051209-demolisten- jeff kearns – order of the wand
051216-demolisten- plague of dandelions

051230-demolisten- funny NYE show

060127-demolisten- calls after midnight

060203-demolisten- the antarcticans

060210-demolisten- octavius explains buttons on shirts with fred

060224-demolisten- Doug Jones meets 72 virgins dressed in white, with Octavius and Devin-

060303-demolisten- devin goes to the gym, octavius and fred talk about 40 bands in 40 minutes

060310-demolisten- the monolators and eagle and talon dj


060324-demolisten- fairmona

060331-demolisten- the switch
060407-demolisten- letting up depite great faults





~ by demolisten on May 2, 2003.

2 Responses to “Demolisten Shows 06.09.2006 back to 05.02.2003”

  1. Wow! Rad! Imortalized until the next Y2K in the KXLU archives! Thanks from Greg, Nick, Lora, and Scott!!

  2. lovely

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